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  • Expedia


    1.8 (6,838 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.expedia.com

    "Im preferred call by phone
    Im little sick can you tell me a phone number
    Please I need to resolve this problem"

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  • Hopper


    2.6 (3,382 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.hopper.com

    "I add $20 to my account for a previous order and it charged my card instead so I was wondering can I request a refund back"

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  • Agoda


    1.9 (2,340 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.agoda.com

    "Bathroom gets flooded while taking shower and toilet fan does not work. Room gets smelly and foggy. Have to use towels"

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  • Travelgenio


    1.3 (2,351 reviews)
    • Travel
    • us.travelgenio.com

    "So, I was having a schedule to return to campo grande, but have some cancelation of my flights to return. So I was hoping if I can have a retribution of the tickets of return. The fly suppose to go today, but I was trying to cance..."

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  • Opodo


    1.4 (1,870 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.opodo.com

    "You can give apodo money without any problems what so ever.. you cannot get in contact with them if there is a problem. The phone numbers require a booking reference or you will go no further. The e mail addresses are not recognis..."

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  • Booking


    1.6 (1,971 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.booking.com

    "My computer froze while I was booking a stay. I did click to refresh the process, but it stated that I may be charged twice. I need help to book the stay, but now it may be too late for those dates and price."

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  • Priceline


    1.6 (1,999 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.priceline.com

    "One the return flight was not anything I could use as I was sick and had to go a different route. And let AA know their sanitation and planes were horrible. They said to contact you for half refund. Thx"

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  • Goibibo


    1.4 (1,665 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.goibibo.com

    "Not responding as per booking plz provide extra bed decilitres
    I have booked free extra bed including plz clear problem"

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  • Hotels Com

    Hotels Com

    1.9 (1,555 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.hotels.com

    "Hotels.com helped me greatly with my issue and I was refunded the money. I really appreciate it as the hotel was mistakenly booked out of state in a similar town as Illinois. Thank you so much!"

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  • Kiwi Com

    Kiwi Com

    1.4 (1,398 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.kiwi.com

    "Terrible experience I will never order from Kiwi nor will I recommend an online website for booking flights that is complicated and unclear. A small mistake and you lose your money and have no one to talk to. I am disabled and I..."

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