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  • Ubereats


    1.6 (23,098 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.ubereats.com

    "Theres no UK phone number to contact them so its just a matter playing the waiting game to see if they bother replying to me.
    Theyre so completely useless, Ive already waited three days. I dont expect a quick resolution. Nor any re..."

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  • DoorDash


    1.8 (13,422 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.doordash.com

    "Missing fries, shrimp, sauce, coleslaw, and other items. This was the worst service ever. I will probably never DoorDash again."

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  • Swiggy


    1.5 (5,638 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.swiggy.com

    "The order i made recently
    It was completely burnt
    I want the refund for that order
    And the company says contact swiggy
    They will process the refund
    But nobody is answering"

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  • Zomato


    1.4 (5,063 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.zomato.com

    "Sir please app se request hai ki I'd open kar do sir please aur mere school ke fees jahti hai app se request hai ki I'd open kar do"

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  • SkipTheDishes


    1.5 (4,747 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.skipthedishes.com

    "One of your female drivers keeps continuously driving partially on the grass. There is lots of parking. She has been asked politely not to and continues to do so. She drives a blue car. She delivers in St. Thomas Ont. There is..."

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  • Postmates


    1.4 (5,898 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • postmates.com

    "I need to add to the order so I wanted the money back so I can order more. Wanted to know if I can get a refund now because I need to add more to my order and change my order to mild The refund was supposed to be for $20.06..."

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  • Foodpanda Malaysia

    Foodpanda Malaysia

    1.7 (3,178 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.foodpanda.my

    "After making the payment, I received this message :
    We're very sorry, we had to cancel your order as Restoran Chetties (Petaling Jaya) was already closed at that time. Please come back later. We know how frustrating this can be, an..."

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  • Instacart


    1.9 (1,981 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.instacart.com

    "I finally got a email from them to verify my identity so I put everything in and it said u have been verified so then nothing happened so I clicked out of the page and went back to my email and then it said this message has..."

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  • Grubhub


    1.6 (2,271 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.grubhub.com

    "No show stealing my ssi check that I pay my way in my own life ok that I live with damage my ex husband did to me and people in this pathetic world we live in take people and God for grated along with there own lives and I can't..."

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  • Favor Delivery

    Favor Delivery

    1.5 (1,382 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • favordelivery.com

    "A business with no integrity I was over charged because app itself isn't up to date of its prices...
    Its misleading and misinformation"

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