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PissedConsumer.com is owned and operated by Consumer Opinion LLC. Since 2006 we have been a leading consumer advocacy and review platform by the people and for the people.

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Things We Do For Consumers

  • Equal Opportunity and Protection

    We provide an equal opportunity platform free from cherry-picking, duress or unreasonable content policing. We fight for our users in court defending their right to freedom of speech and expression.

  • Social Media Exposure

    We help our users popularize their experience via our social media channels. Our reviewers also have a unique opportunity to share their stories via video interviews further published on our YouTube channel.

  • Help Center

    We give individual consumers useful tips via our Help Center For Consumers. They include suggestions on what to consider when shopping for various products and services, articles on consumer rights, scam alerts and much more.

  • Productive Dialogues with Businesses

    Our users can have discussions with businesses in a Q&A format. They can also reach out to a company of their choice for free by calling its Customer Service via our site.

  • Opportunity to express views and opinions

    We give ordinary people an opportunity to publicly share their consumer experiences, attract companies’ attention, get their issues taken care of and learn more about various industries, companies and brands.

  • Justice and Well-Deserved Compensation

    We educate our users on the subject of consumer class actions and help them get the justice they deserve.

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Our reviewers

Authors of reviews on our platform are real-life people; consumers and clients with real concerns and real emotions. We have content posted by Verified Reviewers and Verified Buyers.

The most significant thing for us is long-term experience of consumers. We are certain that consumer experience does not end with a sale. Our reviewers are largely “seasoned” consumers who have experienced a product/service for some time and know exactly what they are talking about.

Why trust us

Our content is 100% user-generated. Our users certify that their reviews are based on their own experience, are their genuine opinion of products or services, and that they will not impersonate other people or entities.

Our Moderation Team monitors quality of the content on our site at all times. We use review management tools to support relevancy and appropriateness of the content.

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Services we provide to businesses

We help businesses identify problem areas, collect data and track unresolved issues, being one of the most popular complaint resolution platforms. We aggregate, summarize and analyze collected data to make it more accessible, understandable and easy to work with.

We offer a wide range of business solutions to product and service providers and manufacturers as well as their representatives, so that they could establish customized problem negotiation and resolution processes, respond to their customers and communicate with them otherwise via our website.

Our mission

Our mission is to protect free speech and fight for consumers’ rights, in particular the right to be heard. We believe that businesses should communicate with their customers, listen to their concerns and do their best to turn complainants into brand advocates.

Videos About PissedConsumer ?

These video reviews tell true stories about positive resolution of consumers' issues due to PissedConsumer.com

PissedConsumer is a consumer advocacy website. Our review platform gives people a chance to share their stories, experiences, and opinions about companies, products and services. We decided to ask our reviewers about their experience with our platform. Find out what our users are saying about us.

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PissedConsumer in the news

Because of our credibility and reliability, we are often cited as an original source of information in the press. We in Press

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    A review of Yelp and PissedConsumer finds evidence of irate customers. "They signed me up unauthorized," wrote Sierrah U. of Bend, Ore., on Yelp in February 2015. "I was talking to someone interested in signing up two weeks ago after realizing my modem was… Read more

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    Next I found PissedConsumer.com, a complaints platform where users said the same thing. “Oreos taste soiled,” one complaint from March was titled. “Filling and chocolate cookie doesn’t taste the same!” … “20 seconds and still firm and now gritty.” PissedConsumer has a nifty metrics tool that shows you a timeline of complaints. Read more

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    PissedConsumer has uncovered more fraudulent behavior by companies hoping to scrub critical reviews from its site. The site first uncovered the use of bogus court orders to delist content… These fraudulent court documents resulted in some genuine legal action. Questionable reputation management firms are now facing lawsuits from PissedConsumer… Read more